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Weekly Round-Up: Sustainable Food

In an age of processed food and chemically treated crops, sustainable food not only benefits our health, but also the environment. Organic and local farms produce better quality food and cause less harm to the environment through things like carbon emissions and water pollution. In addition, the organic farming movement encourages people to plant seeds and grow their own food, thereby empowering people to eat healthier and take personal steps to creating a better world to live in.

Here are a couple of related articles that I found interesting and wanted to share this week:

Sustainable Food: 10 Reasons to Care

Why should sustainability be a priority? Not only does it create more nutritious foods, but it also fosters a sense of community, is more ethical and is better for the environment. This article explores the many ways that sustainable food is good for society as a whole.

Eat Organic to Mitigate Climate Chaos

There is a common belief that industrialized agriculture is more efficient that organic farming. This article offers research that discusses how organic farming is actually more efficient, yielding the same amount of products but with less pollution to the environment.

Joel… Read more »

Arsenic in Chicken?

Following is a letter that Romeo Danais from General Butler Farm sent out to his customers that’s he has agreed to share with me. It’s about the arsenic that many bulk suppliers put in their chicken feed.  It’s important to start asking what the animals you eat, eat so make sure to ask your grocer or your farmer. If they don’t know, ask them to find out.

What do the words ‘chicken’ and ‘arsenic’ have in common?

Well, they shouldn’t have anything in common, but, the USDA and the FDA thinks its OK to put arsenic in chicken feed to reduce mold and bacterial growth.

Let me tell you an interesting story;

A few weeks ago, I had an ad in Craigslist for Chicken feet. Yes, as a result of processing my chickens, I have chicken feet for sale, for food. Yes, a lot of people eat chicken feet, and a lot of people use chicken feet for, well, for chicken stock. The chicken feet add a marvelous flavor and gelatinous texture to chicken stock. Anyway, sorry, I tend to digress on occasion.

So, I got a call on my chicken feet ad, and the caller asked if there… Read more »

Ethical Eating: Part One

We had our first session on “ethical eating” tonight while the rain poured on… Kathy Gallant from Blue Moon made the most unbelievable timeline on the “industrialization” of food!  I see a movie in the works!  Amy Robinson really opened our eyes to the plight of the honey bees and Leigh Sloss told us how the wheat industry has changed in the last few thousand years (all in 20 minutes!)

I gave some perspective on the environmental and health impacts of the food industry. For example did you know:

Food production contributes to 30% of the gases that are causing global warming –  18% is from meat production . Environmental damage from pesticides is estimated at $9 billion a year. We throw away 500 billion plastic bags a year. We throw away on average  30% of the food we buy – nearly 1.5 pounds of food every day (do you compost?)

You may also want to check out this video on the “disconnect” between our government’s agricultural and health priorities: How to get fat without even trying:  (

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